About the Author

Pamela De Fina, Art historian, choreographer, teacher, began her career as an elementary school teacher. As a child she had an innate love of culture, art, music, dance and travel as her name with a dolphin symbolizes – Culture! She was surrounded by beauty, art and beautiful homes, as her Father Major Joseph De Fina entertained an International Society, Ambassadors, World famous tennis players. She studied at Villa Schifanoia, M.A. Art History -Graduate School of Fine Arts/Rosary College, Florence, Italy, and researched High Renaissance Art at Villa I Tatti. She was chosen as a special Protégée of Maria Theresa Duncan and began performing at the United Nations in New York City, in 1979. Pamela has been mentioned in Katherine Teck’s book, Oxford Publishing “Making Music for Modern Dance,” for performing the Beethoven’s Symphony 7 in A Major- Allegretto, filmed at the Trianon Palace, Versailles, taught by Maria Theresa Duncan. She has revealed an inter-disciplinary approach to the Arts.

She has produced videos, Maria Theresa and the Classical Dance,“The Spiral of Life,” and Beethoven 7 Symphony, Allegretto”, “Concert at the House of the Redeemer”. She has lectured on the “Parallels between works of Art, Renaissance, Greek and Roman, and the Dance,” at San Marino World Congress on Dance Research cid-Unesco, Isadora and La Belle Epoch, a book entitled, “Maria Theresa Divine Being Guided by a Higher Order,” written and published at Female Artists in History -Facebook. Paris Womens Journal- She has performed and lectured at the Sorbonne University, Paris France, Graymoor Fransiscan Friary, Norton Museum WPB, Fl, Lannan Museum, Centre de Danse du Marais, Paris, and Santa Barbara City College Abroad in Paris France, the Society of the Four Arts, George Washington Univ, and the Univ. of Athens Greece, Ancient Orchesis .study group in Athens, Greece. Pen Ladies International, Palm Beach Yacht Club, and is a member of CIDUNESCO. She began dancing when she was 5 at Imperial Studios, Palm Beach, Fl, under the direction of Joanna Kneeland, and performed with famous ballerinas at the Palm Beach Playhouse, and was offered a scholarship to study ballet at the Harkness House in NYC. I chose instead a life of education, culture, art and travel. Later, I returned to the Harkness House of Ballet in NYC.

She received a BA EL. ED, and Art History, and taught 5th grade for a few years before marrying an internationally acclaimed artist. living and studying, in Santa Barbara, Ca, where she attended UCSB, Art History, and in Florence, Italy at the Graduate school of Fine Arts/Rosary College in Florence Italy, MA Art History program.