About the Book

The book reveals the creative and innovative discoveries made as a result of in depth research, and years of Graduate studies, beginning at the Villa Schifanoia, and Villa I Tatti on Renaissance Art in Florence, Italy; The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City with Maria Theresa Duncan, and La Bibliothèque Château de Versailles. The Renaissance Culture known as Humanistic, Humanitus, as depicted in the Sculpting and Paintings of Michelangelo, Sandro Botticelli, Raphael, Da Vinci and others. Man was in balance with the Greater Universe, Art and Architecture. Beauty and harmony are seen in all the Paintings and Sculpting! Tracing history from the time of the Ancient Greeks, who practiced an interdisciplinary approach to the Arts. Classical Music was first used in the development of Modern Dance by Isadora Duncan and Maria Theresa Duncan her adopted daughter, whom first danced to the Beethovens Symphony 7, The Allegretto, and taught the choreography to Pamela De Fina directly, has been faithfully practicing it daily, during the Pandemic and has discovered it’s living Spirit!

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